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H&H Resources LLC's Benefits To Installing Bollards

Prevent unauthorized parking

Drivers can’t park in areas that are blocked off or where their vehicles don’t fit. Place uniformly spaced bollards in open spaces to prohibit parking.

Create security barriers

According to the National Institute of Building Sciences, bollards are impediments to access. Bollards discourage and prevent accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians. They also make the perimeter of your building more secure by deterring traffic beyond their placement.

Manage traffic

Bollards instantly instruct drivers, bikers, and pedestrians where to pass. You can also use bollards to delineate pathways, designate drop-off and pick-up zones, and create emergency routes, such as fire lanes.

Provide aesthetic value

Traffic and security management doesn’t have to be boring. Some bollards come in stylish, modern designs that merge form with function. You can also use bollard sleeves to spruce up old or defaced bollards.

Whether you’re using bollards to keep your property safe, direct traffic, or make your property look more presentable, H&H Resources LLC can assist with all your Bollard needs

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