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1) It creates a safe environment for employees and visitors. Pedestrians will be able to identify pathways to walk and won't unknowingly walk or stand in loading zone.

2) It improves traffic flow and prevents vehicular accidents. For example, when you have arrows for entrances, exits, and directional flow along with clearly mark fire lanes and loading areas, you will be able to keep traffic moving and prevent collisions.

3) It helps you comply with ADA regulations. Aside from potentially losing visitors, not following the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations can be costly. If a person with disability is injured on your non-compliant ADA property, you will be held legally responsible.

4) It maximizes the number of parking spaces. Yo want to be able to fit as many vehicles into your lot while allowing for a smooth traffic flow and safety. By carefully planning your line striping, you can accommodate more visitors.

5) It provides more curb appeal. Bright paint on black asphalt not only provides clear direction for drivers and pedestrians, but it looks well-maintained and clean, signaling that you take pride in your property.

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